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Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review

June 22nd, 2010


UPDATE: USA Company changed name so this review is no longer relevant. Note that there is a UK company of the same name but unrelated.

NJOY offers a variety of electronic cigarettes. They offer the NJOY NPRO, which is similar in size to a normal tobacco cigarette. They also offer the NJOY NCIG, which is, according to them, their classic electronic cigarette package. The NCIG is slightly longer than the NPRO and is more of a “pen style” e-cigarette.  They also sell the NJOY CIGAR, which is similar in taste to the NJOY e-cigarette, but has a wood grain finish and, unsurprisingly, a cigar-like shape.

NJOY is the premium US electric cigarette company and a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A- rating. What I really like about NJOY is their informative website. NJOY really takes the time to educate their customer both about electronic cigarettes, and their specific products. For example, until reading their website I never knew that I should avoid close contact with cell phones as the magnetic signal can disrupt the cigarette’s operating system. Additionally the conductors in many metal articles within purses or pockets can cause the device to short circuit. I simply kept buying new batteries frustrated with inferior products, whereas NJOY clearly cares enough to take the time to properly instruct how to care for and maintain their products.

The NJOY cigarette has a unique “self cleaning” feature that doesn’t interfere with use. This feature should eliminate problems with the atomizer clogging. An issue experienced by many users of vaporizer models that have a separate atomizer.

NJOY also provides a really nice service to their existing customers who sign up as a registered customer. Registration is free so there is no reason not to, especially when registered customers get their NJOY replacement cartridges shipped to their doorstep every month free of shipping charges. In addition to the free shipping, for every two packs of cartridges ordered, NJOY will give you a third pack completely free.


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