V2 Electronic Cigarette Review

November 13th, 2013


The V2 cigs are up there as one of the best selling electronic cigarettes available today.

The V2 Cigs electronic cigarette consists of two main components, the cartridge (also called the cartomizer) and the battery.


As with most of the e cig brands, V2 cartridges have a built in atomizer (the part that heats up and creates the vapor) and they fill their cartridges with their own proprietary e-liquid and offer various flavors and nicotine strength levels. The advantage Read full review…


Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarette Review

June 25th, 2010


Smoke Tip use the same 2 part system that is becoming ever more popular with many of the electronic cigarette brands on the market. What Smoke Tip does offer, that many e cigarettes on the 2 part system do not, is a far greater selection of atomized cartridge flavors. Read full review…


Luci Electronic Cigarette Review

June 24th, 2010


The Luci™ e-cigarette, is a noticeably smoother smoke than most of the other e-cigarette brands. The cost of the Luci™ Starter Kit is also in the lower range, starting at $54.95.

Rather than mimic the look of a normal cigarette Luci™ have gone for a glossy,black finish. It is a love it / hate it look. Read full review…


The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette Review

June 24th, 2010


UPDATE: The Safe Cig website is no longer operational. We reached out to them to find out if it will be back up online in the future but have had no reply so it doesnt look good. I would advise you to look into other brands.

The SafeCig is one of the few electronic cigarettes companies that provide you with a Lifetime Warranty. This Lifetime Warranty shows the confidence they have in their product, as the most common problem with many electronic cigarettes is the battery life, which is covered in the warranty. I don’t know about you but a lifetime warranty certainly instills confidence in me that I will be buying a solidly built and durable product.

The Safe Cig have updated their design Read full review…


Esmoke Electronic Cigarette Review

June 24th, 2010


eSmoke offers two different models, the eSmoke Pro and the eSmoke Sensation, both featuring disposable atomized cartridges. The Sensation starts ar $125.00, while the eSmoke Pro will set you back $150.00. The only discernible difference between the 2 seem to be that the eSmoke Pro is a bit smaller than the Sensation and more closely resembles an actual cigarette. Read full review…


Premium Electronic Cigarette Review

June 24th, 2010


The Premium electronic cigarette company offers many different types of electronic cigarettes including two versions that incorporate the popular 2 part design. The models offered are the PR110 and the PR111, the latter being designed for heavier smokers, with pricing reasonably set within the $70-80 range.

In addition to their two popular starter kits, Premium also offers a single use, disposable e-cigarette. Read full review…


Electronic Cigarettes Inc Review

June 24th, 2010


Electronic Cigarettes Inc. make a great electronic cigarette kits, the KR808D Disposable Atomizer Electronic Cigarette Kit. It tastes great and is very easy to use. Of all the electronic cigarette this seems to be the most simiilar to a traditional cigarette.

The 2 part design means that there is no need to clean the atomizer, Read full review…


Nucig Electronic Cigarette Review

June 24th, 2010


Nucigs are smaller in size, lightweight, and far more comparable to the look and feel of smoking a real cigarette than most of their competitors. In fact, their website claims that their Advanced Pro 2 series is “the most advanced and realistic electronic cigarette available today”. They are available in three different colors, white for traditionalists, black and pink. Read full review…


Cigana Electronic Cigarette Review

June 22nd, 2010


Cigana is an e-cigarette that truly looks like a real tobacco cigarette. If you fear attention, and it is absolutely necessary for you to look and feel like you are smoking a genuine tobacco cigarette, Cigana may be the best option. Read full review…


Cigarti Electronic Cigarette Review

June 22nd, 2010


Cigarti is head and shoulders above the rest of the e-cig companies when it comes to personalization, with appearance options to suit every walk of life. If you simply must have an electronic cigarette that looks like a radioactive leopard, Read full review…


Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review

June 22nd, 2010


UPDATE: USA Company changed name so this review is no longer relevant. Note that there is a UK company of the same name but unrelated.

NJOY offers a variety of electronic cigarettes. They offer the NJOY NPRO, which is similar in size to a normal tobacco cigarette. They also offer the NJOY NCIG, which is, according to them, their classic electronic cigarette package. The NCIG is slightly longer than the NPRO and is more of a “pen style” e-cigarette.  They also sell the NJOY CIGAR, which is similar in taste to the NJOY e-cigarette, but has a wood grain finish and, unsurprisingly, a cigar-like shape. Read full review…


Smart Smoker Electronic Cigarette Review

June 22nd, 2010


The Smart Smoker Kit comes with the following: Read full review…


Rite Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

June 21st, 2010


The Rite Smoke website is sorely lacking not just in navigational aspects but also basic functionality, along with dead links.

Upon clicking on their “risk free trial” category you are greeted with a less than useful message of “This category doesn’t have anything in it, but check back soon”. Read full review…


Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

April 7th, 2010


It is not hard to see why Green Smoke™ e cigs are the top-selling electronic cigarette on the market, even though the Green Smoke™ Starter Kit costs a little bit more in comparison to most of the e-cigarette competitors.

Green Smoke™ boast a two part design electronic cigarette(most electronic cigarettes are three part designs), and were the first company to use this innovative patented design. This brings a number of advantages over the three part designs.

The two part design incorporates Read full review…